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Gloveables waterproof gloves are unlike any ordinary kitchen glove you’ve ever tried. The perfect way to protect your hands while still being fashionable and comfortable - Gloveables brand gloves are ideal for cleaning, dish washing, gardening, and anything else that could spoil your manicure.
  • Long lasting constructed of high quality materials
  • Please note thickness of gloves will vary. The manufacturer of our gloves has discontinued making the extra thick glove based on complaints that they were too thick and they have now switched to a thinner glove. Variation in thickness does not constitute a flaw.
  • Ruffled fringe adds extra protection from splashes
  • Protects hands from hot water, chemicals and dirt
  • Thickness of glove may vary due to changes made by supplier!
  • Although we would like these gloves to last forever, they are exposed to weather and elements so we can’t promise they will!